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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trends.sg?

Trends.sg is a website dedicated to keeping visitors up to date with the latest trends in Singapore

Who made this trendy site?

Just some folks at Trends.sg... and, if you are participating, you did too!
For any feedback, you can contact us at: trends.sg@gmail.com.

What is considered trend-worthy?

There are no restrictions or limitations. When you come across anything you find trendy or cool, you should share it on Trends.sg! Who knows, you might just become a trendsetter!

What do we trend?

Again, there are no strict rules for this, but for convenience, we have categorized the posts into the following:

  • Go: For the latest events and parties
  • Buy: For the latest shopping deals and promotions
  • Eat: For the latest food trends
  • Wear: For the latest fashion trends
  • See: For the latest news, videos and happenings

These categories constitute the basic decisions we make on a daily basis (i.e what to do, what to eat, what to wear, what to buy...).

Source / Credit?

We respect originality and creativity. Please cite the source or give correct credit whenever you can.